Broadcasted on Jun. 13, 2019

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM UTC+02


  • Yuefeng Sun

    Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud

    Yuefeng Sun is currently working as Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud, where he helps partners and customers migrate or build their cloud solutions. With 14 years of experience in IT and especially in Business Intelligence, he helped large companies to discover their data values and get better customer experiences.


Recently, text search and voice search have dominated the news. However, at Alibaba Cloud, we recognize 80% of the information captured by a human is visual. The human brain is a video and image data engine by nature. While voice search might improve in the future, the need to describe every aspect of the product begs the question of why not just upload a picture of an item you might want?

More than 600 million customers have been using image search daily on Alibaba E-commerce websites for years. Millennials of China have flocked to use image search as in just seconds; they find what they are searching for and can then buy.

Alibaba has invested and capitalized this solution. Now we are ready to share with all E-commerce companies from startups to enterprises.


  1. Understand our customers' behaviors
  2. Product search and your customers' pain point
  3. How does Alibaba Cloud Image Search help?
  4. Alibaba Cloud Image Search architecture
  5. Image Search: Go live in three days
  6. Q&A

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