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Introducing Open Application Model: Bring Best User Experience to K8s

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2020 | 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM UTC-7:00

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As a community, we are facing the complaint that “Kubernetes is hard”. At its heart, Kubernetes is an infrastructure platform for container orchestration. We need to do more for application developers building microservices on Kubernetes easily and efficiently. In this session, you will get a better understanding of how Alibaba team achieve this goal by building user friendly abstractions on top of Kubernetes.

The session will focus on Open Application Model (OAM) that are at the heart of building user facing application platform which served more than 2000 developers in Alibaba. Through demos, the session will go over core concepts of OAM and K8s application management. And get an in-depth look at how Alibaba leverages these tools to improve efficiency and satisfaction within their DevOps teams.


  • Introductionand motivation
  • Open Application Model (OAM)
  • How Alibaba use OAM build user friendly application platform with K8s
  • Conclusion


  • Andy Shi

    Andy is a developer advocate for Alibaba Cloud. He is mainly focused on Cloud Native Architecture. He was a developer advocate for IBM before joining Alibaba, where he worked on various Cloud Native projects such as Kubernetes and Istio.

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