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Manage Secure V2X Communication with Alibaba Cloud and Nexus Smart ID

Tuesday, Sep. 8, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM UTC+2:00

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As vehicles continue to add more sensors, we’re seeing how connected vehicle technology is quickly becoming an essential enabler for safer roads and autonomous vehicle development. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication means that vehicles can transmit to and receive data from other vehicles, road infrastructure and pedestrians, and utilize the data for intelligent and rapid decision making. However, in order to function safely and securely, V2X needs a security infrastructure to ensure the trustworthiness of every message sent and received.

Join us in this upcoming webinar, as experts from Alibaba Cloud and Nexus Group explain why ensuring the authenticity and integrity of V2X is an essential part of the V2X technology and how this can easily be managed and quickly deployed with the Alibaba Cloud platform and Nexus Smart ID.


• Who is Alibaba?
• Who is Nexus?
• What is V2X?
• What are key use cases?
• What are the benefits of secure V2X communication?
• Reference Case
• Current regulation landscape in China/Asia
• Why Alibaba V2X?
• Why Nexus V2X?
• How to run a PoC?


  • Pär Torstensson

    Product Marketing Manager, Nexus Group

    Pär Torstensson has 15+ years of experience in Telecoms and Security including M2M/IoT eSIM management. Pär holds a Computer Science Master of Science degree.

  • Hao Wang

    Business Development Manager, Alibaba Cloud

    Hao Wang is Business Development manager at Alibaba Cloud Inteligence.

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