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Architecting Your China Gateway - A Step-by-Step Guide

Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019 | 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM UTC+0:00

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From Data Residency to Resource Orchestration, everything you wanted to know about starting and scaling up in China, but were too afraid to ask. Join this webinar to get a practical perspective on the key considerations when developing your digital business presence in China – including:

1. Data residency and processing: when and why it is relevant.
2. Data transferring: how to tackle cross-border internet challenges
3. Service delivery: considerations and perspectives to ICP licensing and CDN
4. Multi-cloud: a view on orchestration and billing of multiple cloud platforms.

**Includes real-life examples and customer case studies**


  • Yanan Wen and Chris Potts

    Yanan Wen, Solution Architect

    Yanan is a London-based Alibaba Cloud Solution Architect, he is an expert in cloud-based solutions covering media, e-commerce, AI and big data. In his current role, he has provided counsel and solution advice to help a large number of international business develop their cross-border solutions in order to penetrate the Asian market. Chris Potts is a Business Development Lead for Alibaba Cloud for UK/Nordics and supports International businesses both around their interest in exploring the vibrant China market, but also in the context of working with companies to bring innovation out of China to support them in their local markets.

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