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Accelerate innovation with Alibaba Cloud: Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI)

Tuesday, Jun. 6, 2023 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM UTC+4:00

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Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) is a cloud-native machine learning platform that can be used to accelerate model training based on hundreds of billions of features and trillions of samples in more than 100 scenarios. This can greatly improve the efficiency of machine learning projects.
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1- ML/AI with Alibaba Cloud [Accelerate AI Adoption]
Alibaba Cloud provides platform that offers enterprise-level data modeling services based on machine learning algorithms to quickly meet your needs for data-driven operations. Alibaba Cloud AI platform democratize AI and solves complex challenges of AI models to deploy to production, embed in data pipelines, easy MLOPS and others.

2- Generative AI - Innovations by Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud is one of the leading providers of generative AI solutions, with a wide range of products and services designed to help businesses automate their creative processes with reducing cost.


  • Akash Verma

    Senior Solution Architect - ML & AI, Alibaba Cloud META Region

    Akash has 11 years of extensive experience in Big Data, Machine Learning and AI. As a highly skilled Solution Architect, he excels in designing data and AI solutions. He has successfully led AI and Big Data projects while working with business owners and stakeholders to provide innovative solutions.

  • Dr. Kushnazarov Farruh

    Senior Solution Architect of Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

    An expert in generative AI, Dr. Kushnazarov Farruh has extensive experience in combining theory with practice. He has participated in various AI-linked projects and researched foundation models. He has a notable track record with over 20 technical publications.

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