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  • Cloud Network CEN V2.0 Solution Launch

  • 隨著邁向數位化,業務要無後顧之憂,擁有強力防護是必需的。使用傳統CDN或動態內容可能面臨節點與節點的鏈路問題、CDN節點域名受到DDoS攻擊,而為了抵擋攻擊導致速度減慢,進而影響用戶體驗。 本場網路研討會將帶您了解阿里雲Secure Content Delivery (SDCDN)如何解決動靜態資源問題,同時有效地配備安全防護,確保流量穩定,並分享金融、遊戲、電商典型應用場景。

  • 簡單介紹及示範安全DCDN方栽案,解決使用傳統CDN未能處理的問題,提升用戶體驗

  • Sự kiện kết hợp giữa Hội Truyền thông số Việt Nam và Alibaba Cloud

  • Efficiently & Securely Engaging Citizens in the Age of Disruption. How Governments are taking mitigating steps to ensure data security, privacy and spend in delivery of services.

  • This webinar will introduce what Alibaba Cloud CEN is and how it helps customers solve problems.

  • In section 2 we will introduce how Alibaba Cloud Network GA Solution solves network latency, jitter, packet loss and other problems, and how it helps enterprises relocate to the cloud.

  • Introduction of Alibaba Cloud Network's overall product portfolio, in order to let you know what network products, solutions and their advantages, cases, etc. Alibaba Cloud has.

  • Chúng tôi có một nhóm cố vấn toàn cầu sẵn sàng hỗ trợ bạn với nhiều chủ đề khác nhau, giúp bạn bắt đầu và vận hành trên Alibaba Cloud

  • Join our SEA Partner Day to fully understand Alibaba Cloud‘s international ecosystem and the updated technologies.

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