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Learn how to utilize cloud computing technology to power the fight against coronavirus.

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Upcoming Webinars | Live Demos

  • Through this webinar you will learn about the Alibaba Cloud's initiatives using cloud technology and programs that support individuals and companies to fight against COVID-19 and all threats together.

  • Discover how Alibaba Cloud is providing global technology to address the key challenges of COVID-19. This webinar highlights how AI, eHPC and e-commerce solutions are addressing the global pandemic.


  • 실시간 데이터 시각화 툴 DataV로 국가 비상 사태 모니터링하기

  • This webinar explores how Alibaba Cloud HPC supports researchers and hospitals to setup their computational driven drug discovery platform on the cloud with HPC and AI to fight against COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 is a pneumonia, and CT scans can show the lesion in lung. This product analyzes CT scan images in around 2 seconds and delivers a diagnosis in 10 seconds on average, with 96% accuracy.

  • Nucleic acid PCR only detect segments of two locations in the gene sequence, and the false negative rate of PCR method is high. Our method checks >95% whole gene sequence, with >99% accuracy rate.

  • This service provides data analysis for infection control, medical resource allocation, border, and travel control. It also offers prediction updates based on major events or policy changes.

  • このウェビナーでは、Alibaba Cloud DataVを使用してリアルタイムのデータ視覚化ソリューションを構築することにより、最近のコロナウイルスの大流行に対処する方法を示します。

  • 이 웹 세미나에서는 Alibaba Cloud DataV를 사용하여 실시간 데이터 시각화 솔루션을 구축하여 최근 코로나 바이러스 발생에 대처하는 방법을 보여줍니다.

  • Dans ce webinar, nous vous montrerons comment vous pouvez créer une solution de visualisation de données en temps réel à l'aide d'Alibaba Cloud DataV.

  • In this upcoming live webinar, join us as we guide you on how to utilize data visualization tools to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore

  • In this webinar, we'll show you how you can build a real-time data visualization solution using Alibaba Cloud DataV.

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