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  • 随着时代的发展,数据的类型越来越多,人们对数据的需求也越来越复杂。多源、异构、实时的数据存储、管理和分析需求促生了数据湖解决方案的产生。2022年8月,阿里云数据湖在线研讨会将为大家呈现数据湖如何从自身实践出发,基于云原生的敏捷数据湖方案帮助各行业客户“赢在中国”。欢迎预约观看直播,了解如何通过数据湖实现企业数据应用创新与业务增长。

  • 今次活動將帶您了解阿里雲Anti-DDoS高級防護方案,與您分析DDoS攻擊風險,如何在不同的業務應用場景中免受DDoS 攻擊帶來的損失。 各位開發者、技術操作人員、解決方案工程師記得留意,當日更會介紹RTTP認可阿里雲ACA/ACP雲計算課程,了解更多有關培訓資助,掌握上雲知識。

  • 由阿里雲合作伙伴Multisoft為大家分享阿里雲的數據安全產品,如Elastic Desktop Service(EDS)或Web Application Firewall(WAF)去解決數據洩漏的問題。


  • A half day technology conference where we will bring industry leaders and experts together to shed light on the key trends and developments of the Media & Entertainment industry on Cloud.

  • Alibaba Cloud Day Hong Kong - 無論大型零售企業或中小型商鋪,把握機會將線上及線下真正整合,都有可能搶佔優勢,在未來全球、亞洲及大灣區市場取得領先地位。7月28日下午由阿里雲新零售業務方案專家與零售轉型顧問Thoughtworks聯同分享。

  • Digitalization and internationalization are the key words of this era. This time, Alibaba Cloud and Confluent will discuss how could “Go China” business be more efficiency with data.

  • Alibaba Cloud Day Hong Kong - Join us to learn more about how AI solution and cloud computing act as the engine behind to increase content personalisation and media lifetime value for revenue growth.

  • Cloud Network CEN V2.0 Solution Launch

  • The Philippines has been at the forefront of the global Fintech industry, as it thrives more than ever, concurrently with the rise of game-changer platforms and trends.

  • Alibaba Cloud Day Hong Kong - An exciting afternoon session showcasing innovation in financial services and you will hear from industry experts on Regtech (regulatory technology) and Digital Assets.

  • The Alibaba Cloud Summit will invite industry experts and industry leaders to share their insights and experience in the retail, Internet, finance, and transportation industries.

  • Learn about the Alibaba Cloud terraform provider, and see examples of common uses cases (creating VPCs, ECS virtual machines, and more).

  • We will introduce ZOLOZ AML solution which leverage years of financial business acumen and technology expertise from Alibaba Cloud and Ant financial.

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