Free HCS 3-Day Cloud Native Workshop


HCS 3-Day Cloud Native Workshop

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

HCS 3-Day Cloud Native Workshop

Alibaba Cloud
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In collaboration with Human Capital (Singapore), join us at this exciting 3-day workshop and learn what it takes to embark on a Cloud Native journey with multi-cloud approach!

Explore a flexible, scalable and multi-cloud approach at this workshop, where you will acquire knowledge and skills to build Cloud Native capabilities and applications into the Cloud environment, to grow business beyond the local market and to develop the China gateway network.

Some key takeaways from this workshop include:

  • Exploring deeper into cloud native application and architecture
  • Learning more on Alibaba Cloud's China Gateway programme
  • Microservices - modular application of discrete functionalities
  • Container v.s. Traditional Virtual Machine
  • Containerisation - Packaging microservices into a process application
  • DevOps - Principles and Tools
  • Migrating, Remediatin and Refactoring traditional IT architecture into cloud native environment
  • Building organisation capability and technical competency in cloud environment
  • Strategy in transiting from current operations to cloud based operations

Date: 13, 16 & 23 Jan 2020
Time: 9.00am - 6.00pm
Venue: Human Capital Singapore
Full course fee: $1500 (Upon course completion, eligible paricipants can claim back $1050/$1350 from IMDA for this CITREP+ module depending on profile of the participant and company. Course fee payable excludes GST.

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More on this partnership with IMDA/Human Capital (Singapore:
IMDA GoCloud supports local ICT SMEs through appointed Service Providers to transform traditional software architecture and development practices to applications deployed and delivered as Cloud Native applications using Microservices and DevOps. HCS steers a flexible and multi-cloud approach with Alibaba Cloud for SMEs to acquire knowledge and skills to build Cloud Native capabilities and applications for successful transition into the Cloud environment and to develop the China gateway.