Free CLOUD TRANSFORMATION - Boosting Property Development

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CLOUD TRANSFORMATION - Boosting Property Development

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

CLOUD TRANSFORMATION - Boosting Property Development

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This seminar has lined up Industry Leaders and Alibaba Cloud subject matter experts who will be sharing popular and common cloud scenarios.

Cloud adoption in the property industry accelerated in response to Covid-19.

Property developers are struggling to survive, high-rise buildings to large and small shopping malls, parking lots and townhouses, face challenges of making revenue due to the planning, constructing, maintaining and many more. Furthermore, with travel and information restrictions, major decisions are difficult to be made based on accessible and comprehensive information.

With many industrial challenges, property developers have quickened the adoption of technology as opportunities arise across sectors. Conventional methods are now digitalized by using cloud assistance. This creates new opportunities with the deployment of data analytics, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence.

By capturing revenue through cloud-enabled digital customers, and applied intelligence. Smart and secure applications on the cloud with agility, flexibility, and portability should be built; putting it at the forefront of consolidating cloud resources and orchestrating processes through automation with the tools that serve best. Application landscape and data towards the cloud needs to be revisited and accelerated. By adopting the cloud, costs can be cut down and focus can be on development. This opportunity should also be taken to revisit automating business processes to minimize future business disruptions.