Free 2018 Create@ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest- Singapore Prelims


2018 Create@ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest- Singapore Prelims

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

2018 Create@ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest- Singapore Prelims

Alibaba Cloud
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Are you ready to take your start up to the next level?

First held in 2015, Create@ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest is Alibaba Group’s largest startup contest created for the best start entrepreneurs in the technology field. This year, a series of city battles will be held in selected countries where two most promising and innovative startups from each city battle will be chosen to compete in the World Final in China. This is a great opportunity to meet famous media outlets, venture capital investors and top-level partners from around the world. 

25th May: SUSS-Alibaba Cloud Singapore Entrepreneur Program (Closed)

In collaboration with SUSS, six selected startups will compete and the champion will receive $30,000 USD cloud resources, sponsored return tickets to visit Alibaba campus in Hangzhou and represent Singapore in the Create@ ASEAN vs Chongqing City Battle.

15th Aug: Create@ Singapore Prelim

A preliminary contest will be held on 15th August. The champion will be invited to represent Singapore at the ASEAN vs Chongqing City Battle.  The champion will also receive $30,000 USD cloud resources and international media exposure. 

17th Sep: Create@ City Battle: ASEAN vs Chongqing

Six selected startups from ASEAN will compete against startups from Chongqing. Top 4 winners of the ASEAN-Chongqing create@ contest will receive paid return tickets to attend Create@ Global Final held in Hangzhou. The top two winners of the Singapore-Chongqing Create@ competition will receive $50,000 cloud resources and be given the opportunity to pitch at the Grand Final. The third and fourth place winners wil receive $10,000 cloud resources and the presentation slides will be shown on stage for Q&A session in front of a panel of venture capitalists.

In collaboration with Enterprise Singapore (ESG), ESG  will award a grant of S$50,000 and fast track up to 2 startup winners from the ASEAN-Chongqing Create@ City Battle. The prize is broken down into 3 components:

- a S$ 25’000 non-dilutive grant money

- a S$ 25’000 grant with an option to convert into equity at the next institutional fundraising

- an invitation to join the grand finals at SLINGSHOT competition in Singapore on 19 September 2018.

The selected winners should:

i. Have a minimum viable product (MVP)

ii. Show initial signs of traction

iii. Must have some technology or proprietary solutions

Oct: Create@ Global Final

The top two winners of City Battle contest will compete at Create@ Global Finals in Hangzhou. The winning team will receive cloud resources,  access to Alibaba Group resources through the Alibaba Innovation Center's global strategic customer support program and special invitations to global events.


Companies or organizations that have developed innovative products, applications or solutions in the following technology domains:

  1. - Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Big Data
  2. - Cyber Security
  3. - Digital Services
  4. - Immersive Media (Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)
  5. - Internet of Things (IoT)


-The company's country of registration is within ASEAN

- Officially registered as a company for no more than 5 years

- Not yet a public listed company

- Annual revenue is less than 500,000 USD

- Have a clear business model, have innovative products and a good potential to grow

- Have not participated in the Alibaba Cloud startup program before

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