Free Partners Gathering - Barista Experience Workshop

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Partners Gathering - Barista Experience Workshop

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Partners Gathering - Barista Experience Workshop

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“Craft better coffee – Build stronger teams”

Workshop Syllabus

Instructors will begin the workshop with an introduction to The Coffee Roaster Academy, including our mission, history and competition accolades. With an online education tool, participants can play a game of Sherlock Holmes to share their favourite beverages and learn more about one another.

Estimated Duration: 10 minutes

Team Bonding Element
In this module, the instructor will present relevant coffee knowledge to help participants make better coffee decisions in their daily lives. This will be conducted in the format of an 8-question game segment to allow knowledge sharing to take place in a fun and interactive setting. The learning objectives are:

1.1 Participants will learn to identify the key differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee species and their respective applications in artisanal and local coffee.

1.2 Participants will appreciate the distinctive characteristics of coffee from different coffee origins along the Coffee Belt. Participants will also learn about an exciting coffee Kopi Luwak, and evaluate the ethical considerations behind this production method.

1.3 Participants will understand the culture and composition of common espresso-based beverages on a café menu, such as Espresso, Long Black and Flat White.

Estimated Duration: 40 minutes

Collaborative Activity
Demonstration: Instructors will demonstrate the steps required to craft a Café Latte, with detailed explanations along the way.

2.1 Instructors will demonstrate the 6-step espresso extraction process, with detailed explanations in every step, from grinding to tamping. Instructors will also discuss the effect of coffee grind size on extraction.

2.2 After explaining basic milk theory, i.e. changes to milk during frothing, instructors will demonstrate the process, highlighting the importance of heating milk to an optimum temperature to achieve quality microfoam.

2.3 Instructors will demonstrate the basic free pour design – Heart Shape, highlighting important pointers on pouring mechanics.
Hands-on Experience: Participants will collaborate with a partner on this hands-on segment – we recommend pairing up with someone they do not usually interact with.

2.4 Each pair of participants will attempt to complete Espresso Extraction as independently as possible, through providing timely guidance and feedback to each other. Instructors will facilitate interactions between the participants as well as to ensure the espressos are crafted successfully.

2.5 Participants move on to Milk Frothing station, where instructors will provide close guidance to ensure procedural safety and that quality microfoam is achieved.

2.6 After completing espresso extraction and milk frothing, each participant will be guided individually to complete their heart shape Latte Art pour. Every participant receives their own cup of coffee.

Photography Corner: Participants can capture this precious moment at our photo-taking spot after crafting their coffees.

Conversation Starter Cards: Participants can also use conversation starter cards designed by our team to understand one another better. Some interesting questions on the cards include “What is your hidden talent?” and “What is a challenge you are facing currently?”
Estimated Duration: 60 minutes

Instructors will open the floor for participants’ Q&A. Participants will complete a short feedback form and take a group photo to conclude the Barista Experience Workshop.
Estimated Duration: 10 minutes

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