Free Web3.0 Cloud Day Singapore 2022


Web3.0 Cloud Day Singapore 2022

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

Web3.0 Cloud Day Singapore 2022

Alibaba Cloud
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Web3 Cloud Summit

The Internet is at the verge of a major paradigm shift since Web 2.0 debuted in the early 2000s.

Web 3.0 will bring benefits in various areas. It will leverage emerging technologies such as AI, machine-to-machine learning and analytics to deliver the following benefits:

• Enhanced privacy – users will have complete control of their data
• Greater security, thanks to the advantages of blockchain tech
• Ubiquity – access data, web and services anywhere
• Semantic web, where data will be harnessed more efficiently and intelligently
• Improved connectivity leading to a better user experience

The internet system is controlled by a few giant central entities causing users and domain owners to suffer from bottlenecks like personalized advertising, data censorship, privacy violations, and more. Web 3.0 will address all of that.

As the metaverse increasingly defines how we live, work and interact with one another, your domain will be indispensable as your digital fingerprint in this universe.

At this event, we are pleased to present industry expert speakers in blockchain, security and metaverse to cover the opportunities in Web 3.0.


14:00-14:30 | Registration

14:30-14:35 | Opening Introduction - Welcome to Web3.0 Cloud Day
Dr Derek Wang, General Manager, Alibaba Cloud

14:35-15:00 | Welcome speech: Node Services Ecosystem Launch
Raymond Xiao, Head of Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud International

15:00-15:40 | Future of Web3.0 convo
Wilson Wu, Head of Asia, Avalanche
Daniel Oon, Head of DeFi, Algorand Foundation
Paul Liu, Staff Engineer,DFINITY FoundationDFINITY
Mike Ng, Co-founder & Technical Director of EDNS Domains


15:40-16:00 | Powering the next wave of blockchain
Hashkey Capital

16:00-16:30 | Panel Discussion: Investing in Web3.0 startups
Hashkey Capital
Bixin Capital

Moderator: James Liu, Head of Innovation, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

16:30-17:00 | Panel Discussion - Web3.0 Security
Joanna, Cobo
Moderator: Jag Foo, Head of Business Development, Safeheron

17:00-17:40 | GameFi2.0 - A new era in web3.0 games
Boyang, Founder, P12
Chess Che, CEO, Hogwarts Labs
Li Yan, Founder & CEO, PXY Technologies
Lester Li, CEO and Founder, L2Y & DeGame

Moderator: Kevin Shao, Chairman, Asia Blockchain Gaming Association and Co-founder, Bitrise Capital

17:40-18:00 | Launch - Developer Community Platform
Dr Derek Wang, General Manager, Alibaba Cloud
Raymond Xiao, Head of International Industry Solutions and Architecture, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence
Allan Fang, MoleDAO, Head of Operation

18:00 | End of Event


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