Free McKinsey Meetup: Trailblazing Finance with Gen AI

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McKinsey Meetup: Trailblazing Finance with Gen AI

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

McKinsey Meetup: Trailblazing Finance with Gen AI

Alibaba Cloud
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QuantumBlack - McKinsey Meetup: Trailblazing Finance with Gen AI


We're excited to invite you to our upcoming June 2024 Meetup, where we will explore the practical application of Gen AI and share key learnings from our industry experts. This time, our speakers from Alibaba Cloud and Manulife will delve into practical and cutting-edge topics.


5:30 PM - 6:00 PM: Arrival and Networking
6:05 PM - 6:10 PM: Welcome & Introductions
6:10 PM – 6:30 PM: “Generative AI in Financial Services” by Kan Yang-Chief Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud South APAC Region
6:30 PM – 6:40 PM: Q&A
6:40 PM – 7:00 PM: “Learnings from Gen AI Implementations” by Guan Wang-Principal Data Scientist, Manulife
7:00 PM – 7:10 PM: Q&A
7:10 PM – 7:15 PM: Closing address
7:15 PM onwards: Networking with refreshment

“Generative AI in Financial Services” by Kan Yang @ Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud’s full-stack solution for generative AI (Gen AI) provides whole-process services for foundation models (FMs) and other AI development tasks. This solution helps you build and optimize FMs, fine-tune them according to your business preferences, and deploy them easily as online services, all on purpose-built AI infrastructure optimized for performance and efficiency. Regardless of the scale and stage of your business, we enable you to create new and intelligent customer experiences and drive business transformation with innovations in generative AI.

“Learnings from Gen AI Implementations” by Guan Wang @ Manulife
In this session, I will share some real-world experience of implementing Gen AI use cases, ranging from infrastructure choice, common tech patterns, prompt engineering, testing and evaluation of Gen AI outputs to project team structure, collaboration mode, business KPIs settings, talent upskilling and more.

Kan Yang, Chief Solution Architect, South APAC Region @ Alibaba Cloud
As regional head of solution architect, Kan Yang leads Alibaba Cloud’s regional technology team to provide best practices in cloud adoption. He and his team crafted dedicated solutions for retail, real estate, logistics, manufacturing, fintech, and public sector clients and helped them to innovate fast on cloud platforms. Prior to joining Alibaba Cloud, Kan Yang spent more than 10 years building business value mapping, defining go-to-market strategy, and implementing digital technologies in industries like consumer businesses, logistics, fintech, and enterprise collaboration. During his career, he has acquired in-depth knowledge of driving digital innovation for businesses in Southeast Asia and China

Guan Wang, Principal Data Scientist @ Manulife
Guan Wang works as a Principal Data Scientist for Manulife. He has been working on research and development of machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing in academic institutions and industrial research labs, and has published several technical books, academic papers and industry patents. He is also an active tech blogger and community contributor, receiving 10k+ stars for his open-source projects on GitHub. Guan has more than 13 years of experience in data science and 5 years of experience in applying AI to the insurance industry. He holds a Bachelor degree in Physics and Computer Science from Peking University, and a MPhil degree in Physics from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

This event is sponsored by QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey.
QuantumBlack is an advanced analytics firm operating at the intersection of strategy, technology and design to improve performance outcomes for organizations.

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Date: Wednesday, 11 June 2024, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM SGT / GMT+8
Venue: McKinsey & Company Singapore Office

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Free McKinsey Meetup: Trailblazing Finance with Gen AI

#Meet Up

McKinsey Meetup: Trailblazing Finance with Gen AI

QuantumBlack - McKinsey Meetup: Trailblazing Finance with Gen AI
Hosted by Alibaba Cloud