Free Alibaba Cloud x Couchbase x SoftDebut

#Meet Up

Alibaba Cloud x Couchbase x SoftDebut

Hosted by Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud x Couchbase x SoftDebut

Alibaba Cloud
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Alibaba Cloud & Couchbase Executive Dinner & Networking

Alibaba Cloud x Couchbase x SoftDebut

You are invited to an exclusive event to reshape your perspective on digital transformation to the cloud. Couchbase and Alibaba Cloud have teamed up to bring insights, strategies, and success stories to empower your organization in the cloud era.

16:00-16:15 Registration
16:15-16:30 Softdebut Opening Remarks
16:30-17:30 Innovate faster with a NexGen Developer Data Platform
17:30-18:00 Introduction to Alibaba Cloud
18:00-18:15 Q&A
18:15-18:20 Softdebut Closing Remarks
18:20-20:00 Networking Reception

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