Broadcasted on Dec. 6, 2017

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM UTC+04


  • Nooruddin Abbas Ali

    Nooruddin Abbas Ali, Solution Architect

    Nooruddin Abbas Ali is a Solutions Architect by profession, however he prefers referring to himself as a 'gardener'. Having spent almost a decade and a half in the field of service management, orchestration and cloud computing he is looking to share some of the knowledge that he has gathered over the years with others, with the intention to learn something new in the process. In his current role he works with customers to understand their pain points and advise them at different stages of their cloud journey. In his free time he is always looking for a partner to play ping pong with.


Get up to speed with the basics of cloud networking, including network setup, VPC, routing, and switching between multiple subnets. In this webinar we will discuss various aspects on how networking varies within the cloud, including:
1. Basic networking and how it maps to the cloud
2. Various Cloud networking concepts that allow customers to design their own network with in the cloud
3. Run through examples of basic network setup, VPC, Routing, and switching between multiple subnets
4. Network security with security groups and VPN