Broadcasted on Jan. 10, 2018

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM UTC+00


  • Rui Xiong

    Ruixiong, Algortihm Engineer

    Ruixiong is a data scientist with Alibaba Cloud focusing on unleashing the power of Data Technology (DT) and First of a Kind (FOAK) innovative in vertical domains. Ruixiong holds a Master’s Degree in Statistics from Columbia University.


Gain an introduction to how Big Data and AI is currently used in industry to deliver smart logistics. This webinar covers various practical components including vehicle-cargo matching, route planning, and delivery optimization as well as a case study on China's major food delivery platform The webinar also includes a segment on how data science teams integrate big data contests with their real-world AI applications as well as an introduction to Alibaba Cloud's own Tianchi Big Data Contest.
This webinar is ideally suited for IT managers from large enterprises who wish to improve their understanding of Big Data and AI technology, as well as researchers and developers who are interested in solving real-world machine learning challenges.