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  • In this session, Gavaskar S, Product Evangelist at Multicloud4U and Alibaba Cloud MVP will share Alibaba Cloud EMR's features and advantages, and have a demo with its applications.

  • 随着时代的发展,数据的类型越来越多,人们对数据的需求也越来越复杂。多源、异构、实时的数据存储、管理和分析需求促生了数据湖解决方案的产生。2022年8月,阿里云数据湖在线研讨会将为大家呈现数据湖如何从自身实践出发,基于云原生的敏捷数据湖方案帮助各行业客户“赢在中国”。欢迎预约观看直播,了解如何通过数据湖实现企业数据应用创新与业务增长。

  • Digitalization and internationalization are the key words of this era. This time, Alibaba Cloud and Confluent will discuss how could “Go China” business be more efficiency with data.

  • Cloud and Data Lake Symbiosis and The Future of Digital Intelligence

  • Hear from VIP Speakers from SENHENG, PrestoMall and SCash to learn how your businesses can leverage on Alibaba Cloud Ecosystem to pivot and grow in this pandemic.

  • Key highlights of Alibaba Cloud Summit 2021 specially picked for Technology Evangelist such as you.

  • Key highlights of Alibaba Cloud Summit 2021 specially picked for Technology Evangelist such as you.

  • 了解我們的合作夥伴計劃及智慧城市最佳實踐。在發展香港智慧城市旅程上與你拍住上,一起共贏!

  • Get introduced to a SaaS-based Big Data Processing solution from Alibaba Cloud Technology Partner, AI Surge.

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