Broadcasted on Nov. 14, 2018

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM UTC+00


  • Haimo Liu and Xiang Zhou

    Haimo Liu, Staff Product Manager

    Haimo Liu is a seasoned product manager with enthusiasm and experience in defining product strategy and ensuring its alignment with the desired business outcome. Currently, he is focused on driving globalization (including but not limited to product strategy, GTM, business development, etc.) for Alibaba Cloud’s big data analytics products, such as AnalyticDB (ADB) and Data Lake Analytics (DLA). Xiang Zhou works as a staff engineer in the Alibaba OLAP platform development team. He is one of the core developers of Alibaba Cloud’s AnalyticDB and Data Lake Analytics products. Currently, his core responsibility is the development of Data Lake Analytics. He has a rich experience in database engines, open source Big Data projects and cloud computing. Throughout his career, Xiang Zhou issued over 20 patents in database and distributed computing areas.


Join this webinar to learn more about Alibaba Cloud’s latest analytics product: Data Lake Analytics (DLA). DLA is an interactive analytics service that utilizes serverless architecture. As a ready-to-use service, DLA does not require any prior setup of infrastructure or upfront management costs. This service allows you to use standard SQLs and business intelligence (BI) tools to efficiently analyze your data stored in the cloud with extremely low costs. In this webinar you will learn what DLA is and what it can do for you. We will also dive into customer use cases and show a demo of the product.