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How to Use Alibaba Cloud BaaS Service to Solve Financing Difficulty

Friday, Oct. 25, 2019 | 11:03 AM - 11:03 AM UTC+8

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Is your business profitable? Do you need funding to expand your business? How do you prove your trustworthiness to the investors?

This webinar provides a high-level overview of leveraging blockchain technology to build trust between organizations in order to gain confidence from the investors, partners or even customers by distributing, sharing and disclosing the data that display the value of an organization such as the trail of manufactured product, invoices, assets, contracts or agreements, then together governing and validating the data to ensure all the data are not being tampered.

Alibaba Cloud Blockchain as a Service solution provide easy blockchain infrastructure provisioning to the organization to implement blockchain solution. The organization only need to focus on developing and deploying smart contract or chain code for a specific business requirement, saving the effort and operation cost in maintaining blockchain node. The platform also enables organization to authorize another organization which also an Alibaba Cloud account to access the node seamlessly.


  • Sylvester Lee

    CEO at Verifier; CTO at FiiiLab, Malaysia MVP

    Alibaba Cloud MVP Sylvester Lee, a CEO & founder of Verificer – B2B blockchain solution company operating in Malaysia, China and Hong Kong, specialize in corporate product provenance, tracking, audit, collector of supply chain data for machine learning to provide forecast, corporate credit scoring and leveraging on blockchain to achieve zero knowledge proof to support bank in credit risk assessment and provide supply chain finance to SMEs.

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