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6th Gen ECS and Kubernetes on Alibaba Cloud

Friday, Mar. 20, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM UTC+8:00

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With an exclusive X-Dragon architecture and the latest Intel CPUs, Alibaba Cloud's 6th-Generation Elastic Computing Service (ECS) instances can deliver up to 30% faster computing performance and provide greater stability, with an SLA commitment of 99.975% for individual instances.

Learn more about the latest updates on the Alibaba Cloud new ECS instance (6th gen) to achieve a SQL based distributed ledger with self replication features. The new ECS 6 instances offer immense possibilities of an DevOps standardized way of deploying a native cloud-app, whether the process be plain-vanilla, docker based or even K8S managed. The best thing about Alibaba Cloud is that it supports all of the above.

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  • Overview
  • Introduction on Alibaba Cloud 6th-Generation Elastic Computing Service (ECS) Instances
  • Product Capabilities
  • Q&A Session


  • Evan Wong

    Cloud Solution Architect for Alibaba Cloud Malaysia

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