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Smart and Safe Connectivity to Asia

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM UTC+2:00

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Asia is the new global, digital power house. Learn an overview of our cloud-based services and reference architectures, which have proven themselves for cross-border applications and IT systems for many customers. In addition, you will also get to know about advanced application based monitoring and optimization and about the commercial aspects, best practices, and brief implications regarding ICP license and cyber security law, and learn to understand our "One-Account" principle for truly global deployment and see how you can bridge the "last mile" in Asia with the help of Alibaba Cloud.



  • Brief Introduction of Alibaba Cloud 

  • Technical challenges connecting to Asia with solution provided

  • Brief Introduction of KAEMI and 128Technology

  • Session Smart Networks for enhanced application experience between Europe and Asia

  • Q&A


  • Oliver Arafat

    Senior Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International

    Oliver Arafat works as a Senior Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International where he helps customers of all sizes and industries reaching their full potential with cloud-based solutions. Prior to joining Alibaba Cloud, he held similar roles with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

  • Sven Launspach

    Founder/CEO, KAEMI

    KAEMI founder/CEO Sven Launspach detects efficient technologies and develops connectivity driven business opportunities for SM Businesses and DAX Companies. KAEMI, a Managed Service Provider is focused on Session Smart SD-WAN & Security Network Services

QA section

  • 1. Q: Can important applications be prioritised?


    Yes, we can identify and classify different applications and dynamically assign bandwidth so the most important one always gets the optimal experience while the impact on the other ones is as little as possible.

  • 2. Q: What if there is packet loss or the like somewhere along the way?


    Our solution includes the core features of WAN optimization and activates it on a per session bases on the fly since it monitors the quality of sessions in real-time. When needed it can for example duplicate packets of important sessions.

  • 3. Q: Do you support active/active redundancy for the EU - China link?


    Yes of course. Even on decision per application. Also we can duplicate packets on both lines.

  • 4. Q: Thank you very much. It was very informative. In one Slide I've seen a ZScaler also on the Chinese side. Does it mean there are 2 Zscalers used for this connection or only the one of Chinese side (because the connection to this one is handled like internal)? Mario


    The Router have a direct integration to zscaler and we can control only web traffic will go direct to the Chinese Zscaler because of the regulation. But the connection to the Europe Zscaler will also work via the proxypac with a local breakout in Frankfurt.

    It is just how the local break out is configured on the Service.

    It is also possible to do the routing controlled which user it is by ldap integration.

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