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Alibaba Cloud Tech Show: Alibaba Cloud Technology Strategy

Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM UTC+8:00

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In this webinar, we’ll tell you what Alibaba Cloud is, where its technology strength lies in, and how to take advantage of Alibaba Cloud to make your own dreams into reality. We will show the latest update in Alibaba Cloud’s core competence, market positon, Apsara architecture, availability, reliability, performance, security, X-Dragon Server, Aliware, as well as Machine Intelligence, Data Computing, Robot, FinTech, X Lab, etc.

Then comes the strategic thinking on the core differentiation of public cloud, Alibaba Cloud’s cost theory, 3 pillars of ecosystem fostering. We'll explore how you can ramp up into the Cloud platform and help yourself with digital transformation. We welcome you to enjoy the leading cloud technology powered by Alibaba’s 20 years practice and talents.


  • About Alibaba Cloud
  • Apsara based R & D
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Summary


  • Robert Chen

    Technology Strategy Director of Alibaba Cloud

    Robert has 20+ years in China's software industry, with rich experience in software community, strategic planning, market, and investment analysis. He was an engineer at Sun China and was the Director of Cloud Strategy Planning at Intel China. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Technology.

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