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Alibaba Cloud Tech Show: Elastic HPC Solution for COVID-19 Research

Wednesday, Apr. 8, 2020 | 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM UTC+8:00

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This webinar explores how Alibaba Cloud HPC supports researchers and hospitals to setup their computational driven drug discovery platform and CT imaging analytic system on cloud, bundle HPC simulation and AI algorithms to accelerate drug development process to fight against COVID-19.
In this presentation, we describe how Alibaba Cloud launched free AI computational resource program to facilitate public research agents carrying out drug development study and CT imaging analytic research. And we analyze the state-of-Art HPC+AI technology usage in healthcare industry, especially in the pharmaceutical industry facing the challenges to speed-up efficiency to discovery and creation of new drugs for spreading COVID-19 infection. And present the solutions built upon Alibaba cloud Elastic HPC platform to support GHDDI and other R&D agents carry out their research. And then we introduce the technology behind E-HPC and SCC, and the key features of HPC in cloud.


  • Part 1: Summary of Alibaba Free AI program for COVID-19.
  • Part 2: Introduction of modern computational drug development science and tech.
  • Part 3: E-HPC Life Science solutions for HPC & AI drug development
  • Part 4: E-HPC Life Science solution for CT Imaging analysis
  • Part 5: Alibaba Cloud EHPC and SCC introduction


  • Warren He

    Director of Alibaba Cloud HPC

    Dr. He Wanqing is the director of Alibaba Cloud HPC, leading the development of Alibaba HPC-in-Cloud product and business. He has been working in HPC area for more than 15 years and is an expert in HPC performance tuning, heterogeneous parallel computing, and parallel filesystem.

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