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Alibaba Cloud Summit Live 2020 - Accelerate your Business Success in China with Alibaba Cloud

Thursday, Jul. 2, 2020 | 3:30 PM - 4:36 PM UTC+8:00

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The Alibaba Cloud Summit connects you to the Alibaba Cloud community. Congregate with the CEO of Alibaba Cloud, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International, Alibaba Cloud executives, and Alibaba’s most experienced IT professionals. Join Alibaba Cloud to forge new pathways and help build a new economy online.


  • Accelerate to Your Digitalized Future with Alibaba
  • Digital Solutions of China Gateway 2.0
  • Empower Digital Transformation with Mid-End
  • Connect Your Digitalized Business with a Global Network
  • Protect Your Digital Transformation Journey with Compliance


  • Henry He

    Head of MNC Business Development

  • Jun Fang

    VP of Data and Digital, Unilever China

  • Daniel Jiang

    Chief Solution Director, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Business

  • Bing Chen

    Lead Architect

  • Nora Zhao

    China Finished Lubes Digital Transformation Manager in ExxonMobil

  • Tommy Wu

    Senior Staff Product Manager

  • Sunny Guan

    Regional Security Compliance Leadect

  • Richard Watson

    Lead Partner Asia Pacific Cyber, EY

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