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The Evolution of Online Analytics: From Alibaba Economy Ecosystem to Cloud

Thursday, Jul. 9, 2020 | 10:00 AM - 10:40 AM UTC+8:00

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Join us to discover the evolution of online data analytics within Alibaba economy ecosystem and on Alibaba Cloud.
The following topics will be covered to take you on this journey:
1) The history of online analytics development within Alibaba group and how the online analytics help the business growth of the Alibaba economy ecosystem;
2) The challenges and technical highlights for the online analytics product portfolio along the way of evolution;
3) Customer success stories and case studies with online analytics product when entering the cloud era.

We'll also be covering our AnalyticDB product in detail in this webinar, so don't miss it!
AnalyticDB for MySQL
AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL


  • History
  • Challenges and Highlights
  • Entering the Cloud Era
  • Case Studies


  • Xiang Zhou

    Staff Product Manager, Database Group, Alibaba Cloud

    Xiang Zhou works in Alibaba Cloud Database Product team in Hangzhou.He has more than 12 years research and development experience in the areas. Over the years, Xiang Zhou had more than 35 patents issued in relational database, big data, distributed computing and cloud computing areas.

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