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Partner Showcase: Big Data Processing Simplified

Wednesday, May. 5, 2021 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM UTC+5:30

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The pace of Digital Transformation has accelerated like never before. Every organization is embracing digital technologies to stay relevant and competitive. And, the key drivers for this fast pace transformation remain innovations, scale, resilience, security, speed, and cost optimization.

Cloud computing is playing a pivotal role in organizational transformation by bringing in agility and making them operable in different work models and environments. The inclusion of data science into software development has simplified it further to modularize services into increasingly specialized pieces that can be deployed in new ways.

Join us for an interesting webinar where our technology partner, AI Surge introduces you to a Cloud-based Big Data processing solution, that not only helps you save cost but also automates your data processing.


  • The growing trend of SaaS product adoption
  • Data management challenges and Cloud-based solutions
  • Big Data Processing on SaaS Environment with AI Surge
  • Deploying AI Surge on Alibaba Cloud


  • Edison Ade

    Marketing Lead - AI Surge

  • Pradeep Guda

    Solution Architect - Alibaba Cloud

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