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Wednesday, Apr. 21, 2021 | 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM UTC+8:00

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SAP將與阿里雲舉辦「提升零售客戶體驗」網上研討會上,深入討論數字化轉型如何幫助零售企業減低疫情帶來的衝擊, 分享包括淘寶、天貓“雙十一購物狂歡季”的新零售方案、大數據最佳實踐方案,SAP強大的OmniChannel解決方案,幫助企業加深對現有和潛在客戶的了解,快速發掘商機從而提高客戶接觸率及推動營業額


Retail Supply Chain Overview and Challenges 10 min

SAP Retail Crystal Ball for Omnichannel solution during COVID-19 Pandemic 20 min

Alibaba Cloud's Best Practices in E-Commerce 15min

  • Alibaba Retail Solution overview
  • Technology innovations behind the scenes of Global Shopping Festival (Double 11)
  • Few key ideas bettering your customer experience and eCommerce operations

Data-Driven Retail Transformation 15min

  • How we help you better understand your customer
  • Accelerating your customer acquisition
  • Takeaways


  • Andrew Ling

    Director of Value Advisory

    SAP Hong Kong

  • Mike Luk

    Senior Solution Manager

    SAP Hong Kong

  • Matthew Lee

    Solutions Architect

    Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Hong Kong

  • Leo Lin

    Senior Big Data Solutions Architect

    Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & Philippines

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