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Customers Engagements

Tuesday, Jun. 8, 2021 | 4:00 PM - 5:35 PM UTC+8:00

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Join this virtual event to discover how you can accelerate digitalization with Cloud and Data Intelligence. Alibaba Cloud Summit 2021 will feature new product launches, keynotes from senior leaders at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, and sharing from industry and technical experts on various verticals. Stay tuned for more updates!


  • 16:00-16:05 Steps to a Better Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

  • 16:05-16:20 Growing Your Business With Influencer Marketing

  • 16:20-16:35 Accelerate Digital Transformation through Social Media Impact

  • 16:35-16:50 From Tailor-made to Ready-to-wear: Personalization for Large and Small Enterprises with Alibaba Cloud, Yusp and Yuspify

  • 16:50-17:05 How to Engage Customers in a Digital Age

  • 17:05-17:20 How to Talk to Your Customers More Effectively

  • 17:20-17:35 Bring Your App to Global Level and Boost Your Traffic with Alibaba Cloud and W Tech


  • Paris Zhang

    VP of Ogilvy China

    Paris Zhang leads the Media Strategy Department of Ogilvy China.

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