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How to make DevSecOps with Hashicorp platforms Episode 1

Friday, Oct. 15, 2021 | 2:10 PM - 2:10 PM UTC+9:00

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We have combined Terraform, Vault, Packer with Cloud Firewall, WAF, Anti-DDoS, Security Center.
First, in the demo, we created a security-hardened base image with Hashicorp's Packer and automated it with Terraform to deploy resources.
Instances that have been deployed are managed by Vault. And since then, we have strengthened the network security of the deployed resources with Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Firewall, WAF, Anti-DDoS, and Security Center.
We were eventually able to implement automated SecOps.




  • JongJin Lim

    Alibaba Cloud Solution Architect

    I have been researching cloud and DevOps for a long time. I'm exploring ways to effectively apply DevOps in the Korean corporate environment.

  • GyeSeok Lee

    Sr. Solutions Engineer

    Technology comes with a new name and new appearance every time, but the value we want to achieve remains the same. I always lead this road.

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