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ApsaraChat mini series EP.10 - Start your Metaverse journey with Alibaba Cloud

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM UTC+8:00

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Start your Metaverse journey with Alibaba Cloud

The new phrase that everyone is talking about! Metaverse, the next generation of the internet. Alibaba Cloud has been involved in R&D in this space, and have completed various metaverse projects in the areas of retail, construction, and city traffic management. Besides able to provide cloud infrastructure for metaverse applications, Alibaba Cloud also has numerous metaverse capabilities. Join us to find out.


Metaverse a new iteration of internet
  • Understand what is Metaverse, and what is its applications
Metaverse Industry Architecture
  • Explain what are 7 layers of Metaverse and who are the industry players in each layer
Metaverse Technologies
  • Explain what are the core technology enablers for Mataverse
Alibaba Damo XR Lab
  • Introduction to Alibaba's own research arm and their researches in Metaverse technologies
Alibaba Metaverse Solution Deep Dive
  • A deep dive of Alibaba Cloud's Metaverse projects and solutions in different industries


  • Ken Xu

    Solution Architect

    Ken Xu is currently a Solution Architect with Alibaba Cloud, taking charge of Media, Gaming and Logistic Industry. Previously worked as Solution Architect and Senior Consultant with IBM GBS Cloud Application Services Service Line.

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