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How DingTalk Can Help Your Business During the Covid-19 Situation

Thursday, May. 21, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM UTC+8:00

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Would you like to know how Alibaba Cloud Solutions can help businesses combat COVID-19? DingTalk is an enterprise communication & collaboration platform that empowers global SMEs with mobile and cloud technologies. There are more than 100,000 organisations and 200,000,000 users are using DingTalk as of June 2019. Malaysian SMEs from various industries (Food & Beverage / Retail, WholeSale Manufacturing and Logistics, Technology and Education) such as PappaRich, La Juiceria, EatCakeToday.com, J&T Express and CarSome are using DingTalk as a tool to manage their businesses.

In this webinar, we will share how DingTalk an All-in-One Mobile Office can help SMEs manage their businesses with features such as as Communication, Schedule Management, Office Automation, Attendance System, Mobile Approval and Reports System. Tune in to learn how this simple tool can help your businesses to maneuver and thrive in this COVID19 situation.

This webinar is in partnership with DT Mobisoft, the strategic partner of DingTalk powered by Alibaba Group.

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  1. Overview - Trend of Smartphone, mobile development, Business common problems
  2. About DingTalk - modularized features, security, diff between DT & DT Lite, 5 Why & 1 How
  3. Malaysia Market Penetration - DingTalk is widely used among local SMEs, who are the SMEs (brands landscape) ?
  4. Case Studies – Customers such as La Juiceria & PappaRich – how DingTalk help manage their business processes
  5. DingTalk Features - Secure Chat, Company Structure, Outlet Performance, Payroll, Workflow Automation, Approval, Attendance etc.

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  • Chris Chong

    Business Development Manager, DT Mobisoft

    Chris Chong has been working in Business Development expertise for over 8 years with the speciality focus in digital adoption and digital media. He is currently the business development manager of DT Mobisoft, the strategic partner of DingTalk powered by Alibaba Group.

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