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Empowering Sustainable Innovation of Financial Services

Monday, Mar. 29, 2021 | 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM UTC+8:00

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COVID-19 has accelerated the financial sector’s evolution, condensing years of digital adoption into a matter of months. To fully realize the opportunities ahead, the fintech sector must pursue technology and solutions that address the needs of society. Qualified providers and solutions who can help you to meet internal and external requirements would be one of the challenges too.

Start solving these with Alibaba Cloud! Alibaba Cloud is the first CSP that has obtained an audit report from one of the big 4 firms to confirm its compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements issued by HKMA, IA, SFC. On top of that, a tailored solution is introduced for FI customers to build their compliant system on cloud with your compliance burden reduced.

The event is going to feature business use cases and technology know-how, along with spotlights on fintech, regtech solutions that can empower your business in the digital era.

# Who Should Attend**

Business leaders and users from Banks, Insurance, Capital Market, regulators and other financial institutions including Chief Officers, VPs, Directors, CISO, Heads of Risks & Compliance and other functional heads
Technology drivers including Head of IT, Architects and other IT Professionals


Opening Speech

The Era of Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services

Empower Institution's Security Compliance in Fintech Transformation

Redraw Financial Services Landscape with Alibaba Cloud Industry Solutions

Panel Discussion:
Customer Sharing: How technology can accelerate financial transformation in Hong Kong?


  • Mr. Raymond Xiao

    Chief Solutions Architect

    Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea & Philippines

  • Mr. Thomas Poon

    Lead Solutions Architect

    Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Hong Kong

  • Ms. Sunny Guan

    Regional Security Compliance Lead

    Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea & Philippines

  • Mr. Garry Sien

    Senior Solutions Architect - Fintech and Innovation

    Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea & Philippines

  • Mr. Bosco Fung

    Business Development Manager

    Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Hong Kong

  • Mr. Gary Ng

    Risk Assurance Service Partner


  • Ms. Nancy Cheung

    VP of Marketing Operation & Opertaton Director

    China Industrial Securities International Financial Group Ltd

  • Mr. Jack He

    Head of I.T. & Operations

    YF Financial

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