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IDC - Alibaba Cloud Government and GLC Webinar

Thursday, Mar. 24, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM UTC-8:00

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As Malaysia fast-tracks its way towards becoming a Digital Economy, it is imperative for all government agencies, departments and ministries to have the ability to support Government-to-Citizen (G2C) and Government-to-Business (G2B) interactions online and virtually. The Malaysian government continues to make strides in its ability to engage with citizens and businesses virtually but that has also brought upon questions around access rights of data and information security.

IDC’s data has shown that the Malaysian government sector consistently ranks as one of the top three IT spending verticals in the country (RM6.7 billion by end 2020); a point not replicated in neighbouring ASEAN countries. With that, the focus of IT spending needs to be sharp, and while spending on IT Services/Cloud continues to grow – there is a growing need for the adoption of niche emerging technology such as Cybersecurity to enter the spending lexicon.

Watch this webinar as we discuss the tangible application of technology for the betterment of government engagement services, and how Cloud provides the flexibility in managing and accessing of data, towards delivery of services in an efficient and secure manner.


Efficiently & Securely Engaging Citizens in the Age of Disruption

How Governments are taking mitigating steps to ensure data security, privacy and speed in delivery of services.


  • Sudev Bangah

    Managing Director, IDC ASEAN

    As the Managing Director for IDC ASEAN, Sudev directs the overall operations of the ASEAN country offices' development, sales, consulting, as well as marketing, and works alongside local and global organizations' C-level executives.

  • Nur Diyana

    Business Development Manager, Alibaba Cloud Malaysia

    Nur Diyana is in the role of Business Development. She is leading the public sector space in Alibaba Cloud Malaysia.

  • Lin En Shu

    Head of Solutions Architect, Alibaba Cloud Malaysia

    En Shu is on a mission to accelerate business transformation digitally with AI enabled data and secured cloud technology. At Alibaba Cloud, he pioneers the strategic Evolutionary Technology (ET) Brain projects, harnessing the power of AI to solve complex and large scale business problems.

  • Sam Majid

    Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission

    Recognised for his track record in Digital Transformation for business growth, Sam is a Business Technology leader with vast international experience in driving innovative growth across a diverse range of landscape including transportation, utilities, logistics, telecommunications and Government.

  • Tze Meng Tan

    Head, Technology Verticals, Investment Facilitation Department, Digital Investment Division, MDEC

    In 2007 Tze Meng joined Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and today he heads the Data Cloud Department which is responsible for the digital infrastructure ecosystem in the digital economy.

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