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Release of CEN V2.0 that features better intelligence, scalability, and flexibility

Friday, Jul. 8, 2022 | 3:00 PM - 3:20 PM UTC+8:00

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Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) can help multinational companies (MNCs) build a global private network by using transit routers (TRs) in various regions based on the global trunk network of Alibaba Cloud. CEN can integrate with other Alibaba Cloud services such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Smart Access Gateway, VPN Gateway, and Express Connect to connect cloud and on-premises business applications with their terminal users. This way, terminal users can access resources in a stable and rapid manner. The O&M work of the IT department becomes easier. In addition, enterprises can flexibly scale network resources and pay for resources on demand. As a result, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced. CEN can greatly benefit enterprises in the following aspects: First, it frees enterprises from the network compliance concerns during business expansion in China. Secondly, it provides more than 280 points of presence (POPs) in 27 regions around the globe to facilitate communication. Thirdly, it supports large-scale networking that covers up to 1,000 networks.


With the deepening of digitalization, traditional cloud networks are inadequate for complex networking across multiple regions. To resolve this issue, CEN V2.0 is developed to better adapt to complex enterprise-level networking requirements after substantial cloud networking researches on numerous enterprises. CEN V2.0 provides more powerful and intelligent networking capabilities and can help enterprises efficiently migrate business to the cloud.


  • Jerry Sun

    A senior product expert of Alibaba Cloud

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