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Launch and Scale Your E-commerce Website with Magento Recording
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Launch and Scale Your E-commerce Website with Magento

Setting up an e-commerce website with the right level of scalability, global reach, and performance to evolve with your own business growth can be a difficult challenge for most SMEs. In this webinar, you will learn how to quickly deploy a global, scalable, and highly available e-commerce website on the cloud with the popular e-commerce tool Magento.

This presentation will also give you a hands-on understanding of Alibaba Cloud SAS (Simple Application Server) service to conveniently deploy an e-commerce website and how to configure Magento to fit your business needs.

About Simple Application Server

Simple Application Server optimizes the user experience of setting up a simple application by making it easy for entry-level users to use cloud computing products. It provides one-click application deployment and supports domain name resolution, website publishing, security, and application management.

Chen-Yu  |  Alibaba Cloud

Chen-Yu is a Solutions Architect and Certified Trainer in Alibaba Cloud, devoted to help enterprises in fields like IoT and energy industry to move to the Cloud and accelerate their adaptation to Cloud Solutions. He is also responsible for designing, developing and delivering training solutions at all levels of staff for multiple business functions including inside, outside and independent sales force, internal support groups and external clients.

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