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Achieve Global Interconnection with Cloud Enterprise Network Recording
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Achieve Global Interconnection with Cloud Enterprise Network

Join this webinar presentation to learn how to create an enterprise-class interconnected network with Alibaba Cloud CEN. This will help you to assess how your organization can use global enterprise network instances including VPC and VBR in different regions (China, Germany, USA, Australia, and Japan) to realize global interconnection.

In this webinar you will gain a detailed overview and insight on the following topics:
- Overview of Cloud Enterprise Network
- How to Use Cloud Enterprise Network
- Cloud Enterprise Network Features
- System Architecture

About CEN

CEN provides customers with a communication channel between VPCs and between on-premises data centers to VPCs. Through automatic route forwarding and learning, Alibaba Cloud CEN quickens network convergence and improves communication quality and security.

David Chen  |  Alibaba Cloud

David Chen has been engaged in network design and solution for 7 years and is an expert in cloud computing, network product design, network architecture and technology solutions. 

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