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Cybersecurity Compliance Solutions for Foreign Companies in China Recording
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Cybersecurity Compliance Solutions for Foreign Companies in China

Global companies have to deal with various legal risks while doing business in China, and cybersecurity regulation is definitely one of them. In this webinar presentation, we directly address your top concern and topics regarding cybersecurity compliance and provide a roadmap to help global companies understand regulatory risks related to network security, content security, personal information protection and data cross-border transfer. As the biggest cloud service provider in China, Alibaba Cloud will share some of our experiences and know-how regarding cybersecurity compliance and introduce our solutions that can help global companies minimize regulatory risks and succeed in China.

Jake Hou  |  Alibaba Cloud

Jake Hou is an Alibaba Cloud Cybersecurity Architect, with years of cybersecurity-related product operations and development experience. He has a deep understanding of cybersecurity technology innovations and assisted many MNCs to solve cybersecurity concerns for their business in China.

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