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Why a Multi-cloud Strategy is Essential Recording
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Why a Multi-cloud Strategy is Essential

When first discussing a multi-cloud strategy, we must start with its importance, its reasoning (why you need it) and what formats can be adopted. Only then can we dive deeper into the different ways a customer could distribute their infrastructure across multiple clouds as well as the business and technical considerations that should be kept in mind while adopting any of these models. Finally, we will touch upon why Alibaba Cloud fits well in your Multi-cloud strategy.

Nooruddin Abbas Ali  |  Alibaba Cloud

Nooruddin Abbas Ali is a Solutions Architect by profession; however, he prefers referring to himself as a 'gardener'. Having spent almost a decade and a half in the field of service management, orchestration, and cloud computing, he is looking to share some of the knowledge that he has gathered over the years with others, with the intention to learn something new in the process. In his current role, he works with customers to understand their pain points and advise them at different stages of their cloud journey.

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