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Serverless Computing: Driving Innovation and Business Value Recording
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Serverless Computing: Driving Innovation and Business Value

In 2018, serverless computing dominated the headlines, tech shows, and radio waves, but why? In this webinar, we will explore the key concepts of serverless computing and introduce Function Compute, Alibaba Cloud’s event-driven and fully-managed compute service. Function Compute enables users to build and run applications with minimal effort on underlying compute infrastructure. We will also explore some of the basic patterns and leading practices on deploying serverless architecture. And learn how to get started with serverless computing by using Alibaba Cloud’s Function Compute.

Nishant Agrawal  |  Alibaba Cloud

Nishant is currently a Solutions Architect at Alibaba Cloud, where he is engaged in assisting executives, technology evangelists, and entrepreneurs in realizing their vision to build highly scalable and resilient businesses by using cloud-based technologies. Nishant specializes in providing Digital Transformation services by helping his clients design and implement cloud native technology across core infrastructure, data platforms, narrow AI tooling and industry-specific solutions. Nishant’s main areas of focus include Retail Transformation, Agile Financial Services, and Intelligent Manufacturing. Before Alibaba, Nishant ran several technology initiatives at Goldman Sachs and worked as a management consultant at Deloitte. Nishant graduated from University of Cambridge with a MBA and received his Bachelors in Computer Engineering degree from Louisiana State University. Nishant is an Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional (Cloud Computing, Security and Big Data).

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