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Introduction to Alibaba Cloud: Why, What, How and What Next Recording
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Introduction to Alibaba Cloud: Why, What, How and What Next

In this webinar, you will learn the A.B.C (AliBabaCloud) of Alibaba Cloud products and services from fifty-thousand feet and how to best integrate these offerings into your online strategy. This includes an introduction to Alibaba Cloud products and services in Elastic Computing, Storage, Networking, Big Data, Media, and Database Technology as well as the unique advantages of Alibaba Cloud that you can leverage to start or advance your own online presence.

Goutham Upadhyaya  |  Alibaba Cloud

Goutham Upadhyaya is a Solutions Architect for Alibaba Cloud based in Bangalore, India, and has vast architecture experience with multiple public cloud platforms. He is a trusted cloud advisor to enterprise customers and has influenced many enterprise customers' cloud strategies. Having completed his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering, he now has more than a decade of experience in consultation, design, development, and implementation of mobile and web-based applications. He is a passionate blockchain enthusiast and a regular speaker at industry forums and community-based events for cloud architect and developer communities.

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