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Product Overview - Grow Your Business with Alibaba Double 11 Technology

Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2020 | 10:20 AM - 10:50 AM UTC+2:00

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An overview look at Alibaba Cloud Cutting Edge core technologies and latest product updates, and how Alibaba Cloud's key solution offerings can help to empower your business during COVID-19.


  1. Grow Your Business with Alibaba Double 11 Technology
  2. Alibaba Cloud's Global Cloud Capabilities Landing in EMEA
  3. Migrating Infrastructure to the Cloud
  4. Building Internet-based Core Competencies
  5. Creating Data-driven, Intelligent Applications


  • Henry Zhang

    GM of Product and Solution, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International

    Henry Zhang oversees the product vision, strategy, and go-to-market for Alibaba Cloud in global markets. Henry has over 10 years of experience building large scale cloud services that help customers create transformative business value.

QA section

  • 1. Q: How security is being implemented in multi-tenant environment? How data security works for individual customer?


    Hi, to answer your first question, Alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive platform protection for multi-tenant environment, namely Identity & Access Control, Physical/Hardware/Virtualization/Cloud Product Security and Security Operation & Monitoring.
    On your 2nd question, Alibaba Cloud provides individual customer data security protection from two dimensions, 1. we provide corresponding security protection alongside with entire data lifecycle from data gathering, data transmission, data processing, data exchange, data store to data destruction. Also we can provide security capability from cloud, network and terminals with related security products or products that embedded with security mechanism for individual data safety. Hope it helps, thank you.

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