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From Batch to Real-Time: Accelerating Data Insights with Stateful Stream Processing

Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2020 | 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM UTC+2:00

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The volume of data generated in the world continues to grow steadily. The ability to process it in real time not only opens up new applications, but often becomes a necessity to maintain a competitive advantage. We will discuss how horizontally scalable Stateful Stream Processing responds to these new demands and why it can be considered an evolution of the Batch Processing approach. We will look into some of the technical complexities involved in building such distributed systems and how they have been addressed in Apache Flink. We are also going to show how Ververica Platform, a Kubernetes-based distribution of Apache Fllink that both powers enterprise on-premise installations and serves as the underlying engine for the Real Time Compute service in Alibaba Cloud, helps to reduce the time-to-market and ease operations.


  • About Ververica
  • What is Apache Flink?
  • What is Stateful Stream Processing?
  • Apache Flink Building Blocks
  • Enterprise Apache Flink – Ververica Platform: Demo


  • Alexander Fedulov

    Solution Architect, Ververica

    Alexander works as a Solutions Architect at Ververica (part of Alibaba Group family since 2018), a company founded by the original creators of the Apache Flink framework. He helps businesses to build high-scale real-time systems for handling large amounts of data.

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