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Serverless: Past, Present and Future

Wednesday, Jul. 8, 2020 | 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM UTC+2:00

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The Alibaba Cloud Academy Day EMEA is a two-day online conference dedicated to EMEA markets. We will share Alibaba Cloud's latest product updates and cutting edge technologies. You can interact with our top tier technology experts in specialized field and exchange ideas with them. We look forward to your attendance and participation. Register now for free and we look forward to seeing you online.


In this section, you will be introduced to the history and future of serverless. We will talk about the types of serverless technologies that are available and implement a simple example application. From there we will see what types of problems you might encounter while developing serverless applications. Lastly, we will discuss the future of serverless and talk about general trends in serverless technologies that might help us solve the issues that we found.


  • Léon Rodenburg

    Software Development Consultant at Xebia, Netherlands MVP

    With a background in software development and Chinese linguistics, Alibaba Cloud MVP--Léon Rodenburg possesses an unconventional combination of hard and soft skills that can help organizations accelerate their existing development projects or engineer new tech stacks from the bottom up.

QA section

  • 1. Q: Is it best to approach severless for Production Server rather than for Testing/QA


    If you build your application from the ground-up using serverless technologies, you can host multiple environments (test / QA / prod) and deploy the same app in all of them.

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