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Introduce AnalyticsDB: a Realtime Cloud-native Data Warehouse

Thursday, Jul. 9, 2020 | 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM UTC+2:00

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The Alibaba Cloud Academy Day EMEA is a two-day online conference dedicated to EMEA markets. We will share Alibaba Cloud's latest product updates and cutting edge technologies. You can interact with our top tier technology experts in specialized field and exchange ideas with them. We look forward to your attendance and participation. Register now for free and we look forward to seeing you online.


AnalyticDB is a realtime cloud-native data warehouse. 10 times faster than traditional data warehouse with elasticity on demand, ranked 1st on TPC-DS benchmark as of May.2020. During 11.11, ADB continuously strove for excellence and provided real-time analytics to hundreds of thousands of e-commerce sellers by enabling large screen dashboard display and online processing/monitoring capabilities. In this session, you'll learn the basics about ADB and watch a quick demo to understand the user experience.


  • Haimo Liu

    Staff Product Manager, Database Group, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

    Haimo Liu is a seasoned product manager with enthusiasm and experience in defining product strategy and ensuring its alignment with the desired business outcome.

QA section

  • 1. Q: could we see the size of the db after scale up?


    Hi, thank you for your question.

    Yes, for sure. You can see the size of the DB after scale up on the web console.

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