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Digital Beats Born for Cloud

Tuesday, Jun. 8, 2021 | 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM UTC+8:00

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Join this virtual event to discover how you can accelerate digitalization with Cloud and Data Intelligence. Alibaba Cloud Summit 2021 will feature new product launches, keynotes from senior leaders at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, and sharing from industry and technical experts on various verticals. Stay tuned for more updates!


Born for Cloud - When Hardware, Software & Ideas Come Together


  • Eric Li

    Director, PRC Hypersclaer Strategy & Execution, Data Platforms Group, Intel Corporation

    Eric Li leads a team in PRC under the bigger Hyperscaler Strategy and Execution organization that influences every aspect of Intel’s cloud platform solutions. Together they shape Intel’s development, production, and business strategy for China based Hyperscale Cloud Service Providers by driving stra

  • Raymond Huang

    Director of Cloud Architecture, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

    Dr. Raymond Huang graduated from Cornell University with a Ph.D. degree specializing in computer architecture research. Since joining Alibaba Cloud, he serves as the Director of Cloud Architecture and as the secretary general of the architectural committee of Alibaba Cloud. He is responsible for the

  • Hong Choing

    Head of Global Partner Ecosystem and Strategic Alliances, Alibaba Cloud

    Hong Choing leads the overall strategy and execution of the global ISV business in a sell with and sell thru model with partners. He is a seasoned business and technology executive with 24+ years experience working with small and large global companies.

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