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Digital Beats Women in Tech

Tuesday, Jun. 8, 2021 | 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM UTC+8:00

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Join this virtual event to discover how you can accelerate digitalization with Cloud and Data Intelligence. Alibaba Cloud Summit 2021 will feature new product launches, keynotes from senior leaders at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, and sharing from industry and technical experts on various verticals. Stay tuned for more updates!


Women in Tech - A Path to Brilliance


  • Tatiana Buelvas Baldiris

    International Project Manager, SHE IS Foundation

    Tatiana Buelvas Baldiris, Researcher, Consultant and Lecturer, Project Director for the SHE IS Foundation, develops research and designs models of socio-economic empowerment with a gender approach for peace building in Colombia. Consultant with 5 years of experience in areas of entrepreneurship with

  • Pilada Intanate

    Deputy Executive Director, Dataone Asia (Thailand)

    Pilada earned Bachelor of Arts in Business administration from Thammasat University in 2011 and holds a Master degree in International Planning from University College London. Since 2014 Pilada has served as deputy director at Dataone Asia (Thailand) Company Limited and is responsible for revenue ge

  • Cheryl Cole

    Editor, DiversityQ

    Cheryl is an award-winning and innovative journalist and editor with over 20 years’ experience in implementing effective communication and publishing strategies. Cheryl is currently the editor at DiversityQ and has previously led editorial strategies for HSBC, GSK, The Birmingham Post, Investment We

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