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Data and Organization Strategy Options

Thursday, Jul. 30, 2020 | 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM UTC-7:00

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Extending a Salesforce solution to meet business needs inside China often requires an underlying Org Strategy to support this expansion and to also define a set of consistent process and procedures to maintain solutions. In this session we cover considerations, principles and key steps of devising an Org Strategy that supports maximum value realization from the investment in Global CRM initiative by focusing on optimal user experience, efficient business processes and achieving that with lowest TCO.


• When it comes to the conversation around Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud in China, what should customers be thinking about in terms of developing an org strategy and why is it such an important decision?
• How do you guide customers through the org strategy decisions and what are some of the best practices / potential pitfalls to watch out for?
• From a customer perspective, what was the decision making process and key considerations for Deloitte when thinking through org strategy?


  • Frank Changzhao Yu

    Deloitte Salesforce.com Service China Leader

    Frank Yu is a Partner in Deloitte Digital. Frank has over 20 years IT work experience on CRM, ERP and e-business and now leads the CRM practice for China mainland. Frank is a senior architect on Digital - Salesforce.com, CRM, Sitecore and digital marketing areas.

  • Martin Ko

    Partner Business Development, Alibaba Cloud

    Martin Ko is an experienced professional in business development and partnerships, joining Alibaba Cloud Intelligence in October 2019. Prior to Alibaba, Martin spent 6 years at Salesforce both on the corporate and philanthropic side in various roles managing and supporting ISV partners and programs.

  • Sibasisha Padhy

    Senior Director, Innovation and Transformation Lead at Salesforce

    Siba has 20+ years of extensive experience with large scale global deployment initiatives with large enterprise customers operating across the globe. Siba has supported customers with their rollout strategy for China that ultimately helps with business expansion initiatives.

  • Allen Man Bil Wong

    Deloitte APAC Digital Customer Leader

    Allen leads the Deloitte Digital practice in Hong Kong as well as the Salesforce practice in the Asia Pacific region, and has extensive knowledge and experience in working with executives in the formation of digital transformation with a customer centric approach.

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