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Tableau Server on Alibaba Cloud in China

Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020 | 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM UTC-7:00

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In response to Covid-19, Alibaba Cloud is launching a joint expert series called “Commerce without Borders” to help multinationals better understand the Greater China markets, as consumers return to a new normal with cautious optimism in the region.
Adapting and thriving in the New Normal requires bold new thinking. This series is designed to help brands to craft a global commerce framework from borderless cyber security, to reigniting customer Demand post-COVID, to holistic customer engagement in Digital China. No sales pitches, just insights – come join us today!


  • Digital Transformation is a data transformation - what has Tableau seen in the market recently with regards to this?
  • How is Tableau helping customers looking to leverage both Alibaba and Tableau for their data needs?
  • What’s Teableau’s advice for customers who want to start becoming a more data-driven company today?


  • Nicolas Brisoux

    Lead of Technology Partner Strategy at Tableau

    Nicolas Brisoux leads Technology Partner strategy at Tableau with a focus on helping customers get the most value out of the diverse set of 3rd party technologies they rely on to work with Tableau. Prior to this he was a Product Manager for cloud & connectivity strategy at Tableau.

  • Martin Ko

    Partner Business Development, Alibaba Cloud

    Martin Ko is an experienced professional in business development and partnerships, joining Alibaba Cloud Intelligence in October 2019. He serves as a business development manager on the Alibaba Cloud global ecosystem team cultivating long term strategic partnerships resulting in new market potential

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