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How To Protect Your House, When “The House” Is “Half The Internet”?

Thursday, Jun. 25, 2020 | 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM UTC-7:00

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Alibaba Cloud is proud to present an expert dialogue video series “Commerce Without Borders” along with one of our esteemed partners, Deloitte Digital. In this series, our Experts will cover a variety of topics that help viewers understand the uniqueness of the consumer landscape, ecosystems, technological advances, and landmines to watch out for in the Greater China region.

In the 1st installment of this sub-series by Alibaba Cloud's Head of Security Innovation Labs, Yuri Yuzifovich discusses industry best practices and what he anticipates companies can do today to protect against security threats in the future.


Part 1 Interview
Part 2 Live Q&A


  • Yuriy Yuzifovich

    Head of Security Innovation Labs, Alibaba Cloud

    As the Head of Security Innovation Labs of Alibaba Cloud, Yuriy leads the effort to enhance cybersecurity with AI. The focus on zero-day attacks and “unknown unknowns” adds real-time intelligence that protects Alibaba Cloud and its customers.

  • Robertino San Diego

    Business Development Manager, Alibaba Cloud

    Robertino San Diego is a Business Development Manager at Alibaba Cloud. Previous experience includes companies such as Yahoo! and Oracle. His current goal today is to help companies expand their business internationally.

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